About datafix.io

Datafix.io is a new company that connects people and organizations that need data entry tasks done to people who do data entry tasks. Some example cases of companies needing data entry tasks done are:
  1. A company comes to datafix.io with pdfs and non-machine readable excel spreadsheets containing company data, and submits a Dataset Request (uploading the pdfs and excel spreadsheets as Data Sources connected to the Dataset Request), complete with a detailed description on what the company needs done (in this case, they need a single (machine-readable) csv based off of the pdfs and spreadsheets). The company puts $300 into the reward pool.
  2. Company has unlabeled image and audio data and needs this data labeled for machine learning purposes. The company submits a Dataset Request to datafix.io, describing in detail how this data must be labeled. The company puts $1000 into the reward pool.
For each case, users who wish to clean data follow the detailed instructions provided by the company in their Dataset Request and submit Dataset Entries (one dataset entry per user per dataset request). Users who wish to do QA for the Dataset Request submit QA Entries (one QA entry per user per dataset request). The company [under consideration] decides which Dataset Entry (and optionally, which QA Entry) is best, and once the company [under consideration] has paid for the full reward pool, Datafix adds 56% (or 90%, depending on whether or not there was an accepted QA Entry) of the reward pool to the accepted Data Entry Specialist's balance (,optionally, 34% of the reward pool to the accepted QA Entry Specialist's balance), and datafix.io keeps 10%.

This is essentially how datafix.io functions.

We have a referral program in place. Users receive 5% of every reward for every Dataset Request submitted by anyone who has signed up using their referral link. Learn more at our FAQ.

Datafix.io was founded in December 2018 by Mike Johnson Jr. The MVP for Datafix.io was built in less than 150 hours. Mike is currently looking for full-time work as a python/django developer. If you would like to hire Mike, contact Mike at [email protected]